Monday, December 24, 2012

2011 Was an off year 

Well, after the way the 2010 season ended, it was nearly certain that 2011 would have a hard act to follow. The injury to Buster Posey dashed any hopes the Giants might of had at a repeat, right? Well, I set more modest goals for 2012 and was not disappointed. What Giants fan would be unhappy with finishing ahead of the Dodgers? Especially when they spent a fortune under new owners to get into the playoffs?

The Giants found a chemistry that might have exceeded that of 2010 and the results were beyond belief for me at least. When they got to the playoffs my goal became giving a good account of themselves and not being shutout. The made it exciting by getting to the edge of elimination in each series only to come charging back to reach the next level. By the World Series, it seemed that would be most certainly the rule. There, they out played, out scored, out pitched, and swept the Tigers to make for a most perfect year. The individual awards and team play just caused their fans to be stunned and amazed. We are still recovering and beginning to wonder what the next season will bring? It should be fun to see how they go about defending their second world title in three years after waiting around 50 years.

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